Mike Pereira’s Tough Call Sweepstakes

Mike Pereira’s Tough Call SweepstakesSince the beginning of the National Football League referees have been blowing their whistles and attempting to keep players safe and the game fair. They have also been making tough calls and botching a few of them along the way. When they make a bad call, they become the center of fans’ rage everywhere. [Read more…]

Pepsi All For Football Sweepstakes

Pepsi All For Football SweepstakesFor the last 30 years Pepsi products and the NFL have been partners but Pepsi only recently took over sponsoring the Super Bowl halftime show. They first presented Prince in 2007 to entertain NFL fans during halftime and this year will showcase Katy Perry. Halftime shows first consisted of collegiate marching bands and it wasn’t until 1970 that Carol Channing became the first halftime “show” singing “When The Saints Go Marching In”. [Read more…]

Sports Illustrated Go RVing Elevate Your Tailgate Sweepstakes

Sports Illustrated Go RVing Elevate Your Tailgate SweepstakesRoughly $35 million a year is spent on tailgating in the United States. The two most popular sports to tailgate at are football games and car races. Many people turn tailgating into an all day event and for weekend events, an all night event. Step up your tailgate experience with a new RV in the Sports Illustrated Go RVing Elevate Your Tailgate Sweepstakes. [Read more…]

Tommy Bahama Ultimate Tailgater Sweepstakes

Tommy Bahama Ultimate Tailgater SweepstakesFood, grills, football, friends – it’s all part of the tailgate experience. It is believed that the first tailgate experience was during the Civil War when soldiers arrived at the battle side with food trying to rally the troops for the upcoming battle. If you go to a tailgate party now, it’s a long way from the first tailgate at the Civil War. People go to great lengths to host the perfect tailgate party and have every amenity you can imagine. [Read more…]

Kellogg’s Heisman Weekend Tailgate Party Sweepstakes

Kellogg’s Heisman Weekend Tailgate Party SweepstakesThere is more to the Heisman Award than just a trophy of a football player. Meant to recognize the best player in college football, the Heisman Memorial Trophy also represents the charity mission behind the trophy. The Heisman Trust “has a charitable mission to support amateur athletics and to provide greater opportunities to the youth of our country.” The one player that receives the trophy at the end of the college football season is meant to stand as a symbol of “outstanding ability paired with diligence, perseverance and hard work,” according to the Heisman Trust. [Read more…]

Allstate It’s Good Sweepstakes

Allstate It’s Good SweepstakesAllstate has been keeping fans safe from more than just life’s catastrophes with their  “Good Hands” field goal nets for the past ten years. To celebrate the last decade of keeping fans safe, Allstate has launched the “It’s Good” sweepstakes. [Read more…]

Coke Zero ESPN College Gameday 2014 Sweepstakes

Coke Zero ESPN College Gameday 2014 SweepstakesFor the first time in college football, a playoff series will determine which team is the National Champion. Be part of history with the Coke Zero ESPN College Gameday 2014 Sweepstakes. One lucky person and three guests will get the ultimate fan experience when they win this sweepstakes. [Read more…]

Ultimate College Football Experience Sweepstakes

Ultimate College Football Experience SweepstakesAlthough most college freshmen entering school this year weren’t alive when Desmond Howard won the Heisman, he continues to be a household name in college sports. Not only was he the first Big 10 receiver to lead the conference in scoring, he set or tied five NCAA records. [Read more…]

Reese’s College Football Gameday Sweepstakes

Reese’s College Football Gameday SweepstakesEveryone has a team they cheer for, whether it’s their alma mater or just a favorite team. Reeses knows how much you love your team and has joined with Fanatics to help you show off your pride with personalized prizes in their newest sweepstakes. [Read more…]

Cracker Jack Grand Slam Sweepstakes

Cracker Jack Grand Slam SweepstakesFrom the Major League Baseball games to the Little League World Series, baseball is hard to miss this season. Since 1908, America has enjoyed its favorite sport with Cracker Jacks. With the Cracker Jack Grand Slam Sweepstakes, one lucky winner will win a trip to the 2015 World Series and many will win other great prizes! [Read more…]