Nesquik Breakfast Sweepstakes

Nesquik Breakfast Sweepstakes For over 50 years, Americans have been enjoying Nesquik. Most people know the bunny on the package of their favorite chocolate milk but few know about the history behind the company. Nestle, the maker of Nesquik, started in Switzerland in 1866 as condensed milk company and has now grown to be one of the largest food companies in the world. [Read more…]

Splash Into Bedtime Sweepstakes

Splash Into Bedtime SweepstakesThe Disney movie “Finding Nemo” was an instant hit with children and adults everywhere. The sequel, slated to be released in 2016, is likely to be just as popular. With the Splash Into Bedtime Sweepstakes, your bundle of joy can be sleeping with their soon to be favorite sea life friends. [Read more…]

Similac Chic Shower Gift Giveaway

Similac Chic Shower Gift GiveawayWhen you’re an expecting parent, nothing prepares you for the sheer amount of baby stuff you need just to get through the day – pacifiers, diapers, wipes, bottles, bouncers, walkers, bibs; the list goes on and on. Visit any baby speciality store and you will quickly realize that there seems to be about a billion options for each of these items and some can come at a high cost. The Similac Chic Shower Gift Giveaway is here to ease the anxiety of preparing for your special delivery! [Read more…]

Luvs Diapers for a Year Sweepstakes

Luvs Diapers for a Year SweepstakesOne item you must have when you have a baby is diapers, and a lot of them! It is estimated that diapers for a year could cost you in excess of $800! When you consider you will probably use diapers for at least two years, it can seem overwhelming. [Read more…]

Stayfree Moms on the Move Sweepstakes

Stayfree Moms on the Move SweepstakesCarpools, sports practices, doctor visits – it’s busy being moms! You don’t have time to relax or do something for yourself most days. Wouldn’t it be great to spend the day at a spa relaxing and feeling rejuvenated? [Read more…]