Krusteaz Flatbread Instant Win Game

Krusteaz Flatbread Instant Win GameAs we get busier with homework, sports practice and long work hours, it’s nice to sit down for a home cooked meal, but who has time for that? Often we just get whatever is easiest on the run but with Krusteaz’s new flatbread mix, you can have a 5 star meal in minutes! Whether you make a flatbread pizza or sandwich, possibilities are endless with the three new flavors of Krusteaz’s flat bread mixes. [Read more…]

Live Your Dream Now Instant Win Game Sweepstakes

Live Your Dream Now Instant Win Game SweepstakesAs you age, your dreams change. When you were little you may have dreamed of being a specific profession like a ballerina or a firefighter. Now, as an adult, you may dream of winning the lottery or taking a trip to a foreign country. With the JG Wentworth “Live Your Dream Now” Sweepstakes, you can make those dreams come true! [Read more…]

IZZE Summer FriendsDay Night Sweepstakes

IZZE Summer FriendsDay Night SweepstakesIZZE, a beverage company, is all about friendship. The company was started among friends in Boulder Colorado and named after one of the founder’s daughters. Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark are friends who are known for their YouTube videos, podcast “Slumber Party with Alie & Georgia” and their show “Tripping Out with Alie & Georgia”. All of their shows mix humor, stories and cocktails. With the IZZE Summer FriendsDay Night Sweepstakes you can combine all of these at your place for an evening to remember with your own friends. [Read more…]

Pre-Game Shuffle Instant Win Sweepstakes

Pre-Game Shuffle Instant Win SweepstakesJust in time for football season, the Pregame Shuffle instant win game and sweepstakes offers you a chance to upgrade your entertainment system to enjoy the football watching experience! Watch the Walmart bags to try and guess which one has the pizzas in it. Find the right bag and you could win one of these great prizes: iPad or a Walmart gift card for $25 – $100! After you play the Pregame Shuffle game, you are automatically entered in the sweepstakes. [Read more…]

Shop If You Dare Gift Card Giveaway

Shop If You Dare Gift Card GiveawayWith over $4 billion spent on costumes and candies every year, it’s easy to say one of the most celebrated American holidays is Halloween. People love to dress up as their favorite characters (you’re sure to see plenty of Elsa, Anna or Olaf costumes this year) and celebrate Halloween in style! [Read more…]

Cracker Jack Grand Slam Sweepstakes

Cracker Jack Grand Slam SweepstakesFrom the Major League Baseball games to the Little League World Series, baseball is hard to miss this season. Since 1908, America has enjoyed its favorite sport with Cracker Jacks. With the Cracker Jack Grand Slam Sweepstakes, one lucky winner will win a trip to the 2015 World Series and many will win other great prizes! [Read more…]

Coors Light Score the Silver Seats Sweepstakes

Coors Light Score the Silver Seats SweepstakesFall is synonymous with college football. Whether you are a University of Texas, Florida State University or University of Alabama fan, this is a college football fan’s favorite time of year. Unless you’re a season ticket holder, getting tickets to your favorite team’s games can be difficult and costly. This year’s Coors Light Score the Silver Seats Sweepstakes helps get you closer to the football action. [Read more…]

100 Ways to Get Glad Sweepstakes

100 Ways to Get Glad SweepstakesMost people don’t think about their garbage except once a week when it’s taken to the curb. Glad’s new instant win game lets you in on the truth about trash and why Glad bags are the best choice for the job with games and other interactive activities. [Read more…]

Tailgate At Your Place Sweepstakes

Do you live and breathe college football? Do you tailgate at your favorite team’s games? There are many components to make a successful tailgate and one of those is food. From personal pizzas to jalapeno poppers, food choices are plentiful at tailgate parties everywhere. While you watch your team win its way to the first-ever college football playoffs, make your tailgate party successful with great food. [Read more…]

Hello Insiders Sweepstakes

Hello Insiders SweepstakesMost people graduate from college with student loan debt. With the average student loan debt being $29,400 per borrower, winning the Hello Insiders Sweepstakes would put you well on your way to paying off that debt! One grand prize winner will receive $50,000 cash in the sweepstakes and entering is easy and fun. [Read more…]