Cooking with Peanut Oil Sweepstakes

Cooking with Peanut Oil SweepstakesThanksgiving is right around the corner and some people really enjoy a deep-fried turkey for the holidays. Instead of using lard or shortening for the deep fryer, peanut oil is a healthier alternative for that Thanksgiving turkey. Peanut oil has a high smoke point and a neutral taste according to You may find after eating your tender turkey that you enjoyed cooking with peanut oil and want to use it in other recipes. [Read more…]

Scott Pic to Win Sweepstakes

Scott Pic to Win SweepstakesIs your “pit stop” in desperate need of a makeover? Not only is it a high-traffic area of your home, bathrooms are one of the top remodeling projects you can do to really add value to your house. Make your bathroom better than ever with the Scott Pic to Win Sweepstakes. [Read more…]

Krusteaz Flatbread Instant Win Game

Krusteaz Flatbread Instant Win GameAs we get busier with homework, sports practice and long work hours, it’s nice to sit down for a home cooked meal, but who has time for that? Often we just get whatever is easiest on the run but with Krusteaz’s new flatbread mix, you can have a 5 star meal in minutes! Whether you make a flatbread pizza or sandwich, possibilities are endless with the three new flavors of Krusteaz’s flat bread mixes. [Read more…]

Mattress Firm Alexander Sleepstakes Contest

Mattress Firm Alexander Sleepstakes ContestWe’ve all had that mattress, the one that you sink into the middle or that is so hard it’s like sleeping on a rock. Sleeping on a bad mattress can leave you feeling like your day is going to be terrible, horrible, no good, and ultimately make you have a very bad day. Mattress Firm is giving you a chance to kick your bad mattress to the curb with their latest Mattress Firm Alexander Sleepstakes Contest. [Read more…]

Bassett 9 Weeks 9 Makeovers Sweepstakes

Bassett 9 Weeks 9 Makeovers SweepstakesUpdating the look of your house can be done without tearing down walls or having to get a building permit. You can change the entire feel of your home with some new furniture pieces and accessories. Bassett Furniture not only provides high quality furnishing, their HGTV Home Design Studio is now available to make custom pieces perfect for your style. [Read more…]

Savvy Rest Organic Mattress Giveaway

Savvy Rest Organic Mattress GiveawayIt’s said you spend about ⅓ of your life on a mattress and this very activity could be causing numerous health problems due to the chemicals in traditional mattresses. From the adhesives used to the actual materials used to assemble mattresses, there is a laundry list of chemicals found in today’s mattresses and every time you lay your head down or have a pillow fight, you are breathing in those chemicals. The impact of these chemicals on your health is widely unknown but it’s believed they contribute to the rise in cancers and other health problems. [Read more…]

Morton Building’s Giving Away the Farm Sweepstakes

Morton Building's Giving Away the Farm SweepstakesIf you can dream it, Morton Buildings can build it. Not just for farmers, Morton Buildings can construct your dream house, barn, workshop or even community center! For the last 110 years, Morton Buildings has been providing quality construction in metal buildings and continue to be family owned. With a Morton Building, you will be happy with the look and quality of their craftsmanship, no matter what you choose! [Read more…]

Cottonelle Take a Spin Sweepstakes

Cottonelle Take a Spin SweepstakesMost people do not like to talk about their bathroom habits, but Cherry Healey is taking Cottonelle’s new flushable wipes to the masses and spreading the word about clean bums. To aid in letting the World know about flushable wipes, Cottonelle has launched its “Take a Spin” Sweepstakes. [Read more…]

Southern Fridge Sweepstakes

Southern Fridge SweepstakesGE is known for making great appliances for over 100 years and the Cafe Series is keeping that tradition alive. All four refrigerator models in the Cafe Series are energy efficient and come in a stainless steel finish. With chefs in mind, GE purposely developed this line to complement them while they create masterpieces in the kitchen. [Read more…]

Wood Magazine $5,000 Workshop Workover Sweepstakes

Wood Magazine $5,000 Workshop Workover SweepstakesTools are expensive; saws can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, air compressors aren’t much better. Every craftsman dreams of the best workshop with the best tools but often the cost of these items puts limits on these dreams. [Read more…]