Minute Maid Sip, Text, Win

Minute Maid Sip, Text, WinIt’s no wonder why Americans drink over 4 million gallons of orange juice a year. The United States is the second highest producer of oranges according to Mr. Breakfast. Packed with vitamins, orange juice is also healthy to drink and is believed to help you wake up by giving your nose a sensory wake up call. [Read more…]

Live Your Dream Now Instant Win Game Sweepstakes

Live Your Dream Now Instant Win Game SweepstakesAs you age, your dreams change. When you were little you may have dreamed of being a specific profession like a ballerina or a firefighter. Now, as an adult, you may dream of winning the lottery or taking a trip to a foreign country. With the JG Wentworth “Live Your Dream Now” Sweepstakes, you can make those dreams come true! [Read more…]

Ultimate College Football Experience Sweepstakes

Ultimate College Football Experience SweepstakesAlthough most college freshmen entering school this year weren’t alive when Desmond Howard won the Heisman, he continues to be a household name in college sports. Not only was he the first Big 10 receiver to lead the conference in scoring, he set or tied five NCAA records. [Read more…]

Palmolive Dish Liquid Sweepstakes

Palmolive Dish Liquid SweepstakesPalmolive has been part of the dish washing business since 1966, but did you know the company actually started much earlier making bath soaps? Company founder, B.J. Johnson found a way to make soap using palm and olive oils and after the popularity of the soap skyrocketed, he renamed it Palmolive. His company has grown to offer its products in over 88 countries and has the longest running ad campaign in history with its beloved “Madge the Manicurist”. [Read more…]

McDonald’s 2014 Latin GRAMMY Sweepstakes

McDonald’s 2014 Latin GRAMMY SweepstakesThe Latin GRAMMYs are celebrating their 15th year at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Thursday, November 20, 2014. McDonald’s is spreading the joy of Latin music with their Latin GRAMMY Street Parties and Acoustic sessions.  Look for this cultural experience to be at a city near you as it travels through the United States, Mexico and Colombia starting in September. [Read more…]

Shop If You Dare Gift Card Giveaway

Shop If You Dare Gift Card GiveawayWith over $4 billion spent on costumes and candies every year, it’s easy to say one of the most celebrated American holidays is Halloween. People love to dress up as their favorite characters (you’re sure to see plenty of Elsa, Anna or Olaf costumes this year) and celebrate Halloween in style! [Read more…]

Coors Light Score the Silver Seats Sweepstakes

Coors Light Score the Silver Seats SweepstakesFall is synonymous with college football. Whether you are a University of Texas, Florida State University or University of Alabama fan, this is a college football fan’s favorite time of year. Unless you’re a season ticket holder, getting tickets to your favorite team’s games can be difficult and costly. This year’s Coors Light Score the Silver Seats Sweepstakes helps get you closer to the football action. [Read more…]

100 Ways to Get Glad Sweepstakes

100 Ways to Get Glad SweepstakesMost people don’t think about their garbage except once a week when it’s taken to the curb. Glad’s new instant win game lets you in on the truth about trash and why Glad bags are the best choice for the job with games and other interactive activities. [Read more…]

Allstate Protect It or Lose It Sweepstakes

Allstate Protect It or Lose It SweepstakesAugust is known as one of the top months for buying a house and there are many factors that go into purchasing your dream house. One of those factors is the cost of home insurance to protect your investment as well as all your belongings. Some areas are known to have higher rates than others and doing your homework before purchasing a house will save you money in the long-run. [Read more…]

Target Pack it Back to College Sweepstakes

Target Pack it Back to College SweepstakesIt’s every parent’s favorite time of year – back to school. From backpacks to dorm essentials, this is the time when people stock up on school supplies for the upcoming year. One of the largest retailers, Target, is helping parents everywhere prepare for the school year with its Pack it Back to College sweepstakes. [Read more…]