100 Ways to Get Glad Sweepstakes

100 Ways to Get Glad SweepstakesMost people don’t think about their garbage except once a week when it’s taken to the curb. Glad’s new instant win game lets you in on the truth about trash and why Glad bags are the best choice for the job with games and other interactive activities. [Read more…]

Little Debbie Road Trip Giveaway

Little Debbie Road Trip GiveawayAmericans love their road trips. Over 60% of Americans will take a road trip sometime during the summer, and traveling in a recreational vehicle will make traveling across America more comfortable. Every year the ownership of RVs increases – that’s no secret since traveling in an RV is more convenient and provides endless possibilities to one’s vacation desires. [Read more…]

Reelz Camp Hollywood Sweepstakes

Reelz Camp Hollywood SweepstakesWith show titles like Mansion Hunters, Beverly Hills Pawn and Hollywood Scandals, it’s easy to see why Reelz has the slogan “Hollywood Happens Here.”  From reality television shows to miniseries and even a few movies, the independent Reelz channel offers a lineup that would entice just about anyone to watch. [Read more…]

Children’s Zyrtec Great Outdoors Sweepstakes

Children's Zyrtec Great Outdoors SweepstakesThere is a link between being outdoors, viewing natural scenery and reducing stress. This is part of the reason places like Yellowstone Park have been a vital part of the park system since 1872. To this day, Yellowstone continues to be a family favorite destination of over 140 years. [Read more…]

hhgregg Blitz to Win Sweepstakes

hhgregg Blitz to Win SweepstakesTailgate or Celebrate? Now you have one more decision to make regarding the upcoming football season with the hhgregg Blitz to Win Sweepstakes. With this sweepstakes you get to choose your prize, the Most Valuable Player LG Entertainment Package or the Most Valuable Party LG Appliance package. Each prize package features top of the line LG products, one geared towards the tailgate experience and the other for the celebration. [Read more…]

Let’s Get Dinner Done Sweepstakes

Let’s Get Dinner Done SweepstakesIt’s the age-old question that plagues households on a daily basis – “what’s for dinner?” Unilever is here to help! On its website, there are recipes, cooking class videos and even cooking on a budget ideas. After visiting this site you will have an answer to this daily question! [Read more…]

Honest Tea Indosole Sweepstakes

Honest Tea Indosole SweepstakesIndosole has re-imagined the shoemaking process by repurposing old, unwanted tires. This eco-friendly company has made its primary goal to reduce the negative effects manufacturing can have on the environment and still make great products. Indosole has taken old tires that would otherwise be piled high in landfills and turned them into shoe soles in diverse styles. [Read more…]

Crayola Back with the Best Sweepstakes

Crayola Back with the Best SweepstakesBack to school time is every parent’s favorite time of year. Often Crayola is the number one choice of parents for school supplies. With the Crayola Back with the Best Sweepstakes you can check most of your craft supplies off that long list of needed school supplies with one of the daily prize package giveaways. [Read more…]

Budweiser Glassware Giveaway

Budweiser Glassware GiveawayAs one of the top 15 drivers in NASCAR point standings who was picked as the replacement for the late Dale Earnhardt, Kevin Harvick is a household name among racing fans. Now you can collect Kevin Harvick glassware from Budweiser to show your support of one of NASCAR’s best drivers. [Read more…]

Eating Well $10,000 Super Summer Sweepstakes

Eating Well $10,000 Super Summer SweepstakesWhat would you do this summer if you had an extra $10,000? Go to the best restaurants? Renovate your outdoor cooking area? The possibilities are endless when you cash in on Eating Well’s $10,000 Super Summer Sweepstakes. [Read more…]