Paying Taxes on Sweepstakes Wins

sweepstakes taxesJust like with anything you earn in the United States, the Government wants their fair share. And your sweepstakes winnings are no exception. When April 15th (the last day to file federal income tax) rolls around, preparation is key, to ensure the process goes smoothly for you. Here is the information that you need to know about Paying Taxes on Sweepstakes Wins. [Read more…]

Unusual Sweepstakes Prizes

unusual prizeMost people enter sweepstakes in hopes of winning the big prize, whether it is cars, cash or trips. There are a few sweepstakes that offer prizes that you might consider unusual. Although these prizes only appeal to a certain group of people many sweepstakes may use Unusual Sweepstakes Prizes to make their promotion stand out from the rest.

We’ve compiled some of the most Unusual Sweepstakes Prizes we could find: [Read more…]

Twitter Sweepstakes

twitter sweepsWith over 255 million users, it’s no wonder companies look to capture new audiences through Twitter sweepstakes. As an avid sweeper you can cash in on the plethora of sweepstakes with a simple retweet or hashtag.

Compared to other sweepstakes, Twitter entries are simple and take very little time to complete. If you already have an account, you can enter sweepstakes in a few clicks of your keyboard. If you don’t already have one, signing up for an account is super easy and free! You can be entering sweepstakes in just a few minutes. [Read more…]

Top 10 Sweepstakes Mistakes to Avoid

mistakes to avoidNew to sweeping? Take a minute to read these 10 common mistakes to avoid when entering sweepstakes for the first time. [Read more…]

Tips on Winning Sweepstakes

tips to winning sweepstakesCan a person really outsmart a sweepstakes? Even though it’s not like counting cards at the casino or voter fraud on Election Day, sweepstakes can be played in a strategic way to increase one’s chances of winning. It just takes a little know-how.

In order to play sweepstakes more effectively, there are a few things to look for when entering. But first and foremost with any sweepstakes, read the rules and restrictions thoroughly to avoid being disqualified. [Read more…]

Sweepstakes Parlors

sweepstakes parlorFrom the outside the building seems benign; the sign may say “Don’s Sweepstakes Parlors” or just simply “Sweepstakes.”  Don’t get caught up in the name on the sign or the lights on the walls – sweepstake parlors are not what they seem. Whether you enter the establishment to purchase internet time or a prepaid phone card in exchange for sweepstakes entries; the bottom line is they are not true sweepstakes.

Customers will enter sweepstakes parlors and pay to use one of their computers. Once at the computer, they play games, much like slot machine games, until they win or their time is up. Many have found that although they have spent hundreds of dollars in these parlors their payout hasn’t been worth the risk. [Read more…]

New to Sweepstaking?

new to sweepingLooking for a new hobby? You may want to consider “sweeping.” This is a term used widely by people who enter sweepstakes on regular basis, but don’t be surprised if this hobby turns into a full-time job with tangible benefits!

Go to your favorite search engine and type in “sweepstakes.” There are so many online sweepstakes and websites to help you, it can be overwhelming to say the least. [Read more…]

Maximize Your Sweepstakes Hobby

winning sweepstakes Sweepstakes are abundant these days, especially online. With all these sweepstakes, how do you efficiently find and enter the best sweepstakes? We’ve compiled a list of the best ways to Maximize Your Sweepstakes Hobby for the most wins. [Read more…]

How to Know if You Won a Sweepstakes

sweepstakes winnerBefore you start packing your bags for that vacation you entered to win or spending the prize money, you first need to know if you won the sweepstakes. How you entered the sweepstakes will typically determine the method you’ll be notified upon a winning entry.

Many sweepstakes will define how they send out notifications in their official rules. Other sweepstakes use judging agencies to pick an official winner and then that agency will notify the winner. [Read more…]

How Do Sweepstakes Benefit the Companies Who Run Them?

money flyingMillions of people enter sweepstakes every year. In order to qualify as a sweepstakes, companies are required to offer a free alternate method of entry. So what value do sweepstakes hold for companies who run them if they do not collect a fee for entering?

Companies large and small cannot put a value on the publicity they get from sweepstakes even though a purchase isn’t necessary. When stores stock displays for sweepstakes they often get prime placement in the busiest part of the store. Website hosts will also place sweepstakes information at the front and center of the website for prime exposure. The consumer retains knowledge of the product from reading about the sweepstakes even if they don’t complete an entry form. [Read more…]