Mike Pereira’s Tough Call Sweepstakes

Mike Pereira’s Tough Call SweepstakesSince the beginning of the National Football League referees have been blowing their whistles and attempting to keep players safe and the game fair. They have also been making tough calls and botching a few of them along the way. When they make a bad call, they become the center of fans’ rage everywhere. [Read more…]

Springer Mountain Farms “D & V Water Fest – Bluegrass Cruise” Sweepstakes

Springer Mountain Farms “D & V Water Fest - Bluegrass Cruise” SweepstakesIn the 1920s, bluegrass style music started to gain popularity with the invention of the phonograph and onset radio. It wasn’t until 1939 when Bill Monroe and his “Blue Grass Boys” took the stage at the Grand Ole Opry that this style of music really became mainstream. In 1945, with the addition of Earl Scruggs to the radio, bluegrass gained even more followers. To date, there is still a large following of bluegrass music fans and there continues to be the addition of new bluegrass bands to the genre. [Read more…]

The Great Balls of Fire Sweepstakes

The Great Balls of Fire SweepstakesWe may not be sending astronauts into space like we used to, but the space program is still active in other ways and continues to influence future scientist around the world. One of the most common places people can learn about space is the Kennedy Space Center. From iconic landmarks like the shuttle launch pad to the Shuttle Landing Facility, if you want to know about space the Kennedy Space Center is where you go. [Read more…]

Cooking with Peanut Oil Sweepstakes

Cooking with Peanut Oil SweepstakesThanksgiving is right around the corner and some people really enjoy a deep-fried turkey for the holidays. Instead of using lard or shortening for the deep fryer, peanut oil is a healthier alternative for that Thanksgiving turkey. Peanut oil has a high smoke point and a neutral taste according to seriouseats.com. You may find after eating your tender turkey that you enjoyed cooking with peanut oil and want to use it in other recipes. [Read more…]

Pepsi All For Football Sweepstakes

Pepsi All For Football SweepstakesFor the last 30 years Pepsi products and the NFL have been partners but Pepsi only recently took over sponsoring the Super Bowl halftime show. They first presented Prince in 2007 to entertain NFL fans during halftime and this year will showcase Katy Perry. Halftime shows first consisted of collegiate marching bands and it wasn’t until 1970 that Carol Channing became the first halftime “show” singing “When The Saints Go Marching In”. [Read more…]

Scott Pic to Win Sweepstakes

Scott Pic to Win SweepstakesIs your “pit stop” in desperate need of a makeover? Not only is it a high-traffic area of your home, bathrooms are one of the top remodeling projects you can do to really add value to your house. Make your bathroom better than ever with the Scott Pic to Win Sweepstakes. [Read more…]

Stash of Cash Sweepstakes

Stash of Cash SweepstakesAll business ideas start the same way; with great products and that’s what Bass Pro and Monogram Foods have in common. Bass Pro started in 1971 when a fisherman couldn’t find the high quality tackle he needed and began his business in Springfield, Missouri. Monogram Foods hasn’t been around as long as Bass Pro, but the brands they own have been. For example, Hannah’s pickled meats have been popular for over two decades and Wild Bill’s jerky has been made since 1955 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Trail’s Best meat snacks have been favorite snack foods since 1938. All of these snacks are also perfect for the outdoorsman to enjoy while hunting, fishing or boating. [Read more…]

Minute Maid Sip, Text, Win

Minute Maid Sip, Text, WinIt’s no wonder why Americans drink over 4 million gallons of orange juice a year. The United States is the second highest producer of oranges according to Mr. Breakfast. Packed with vitamins, orange juice is also healthy to drink and is believed to help you wake up by giving your nose a sensory wake up call. [Read more…]

Sports Illustrated Go RVing Elevate Your Tailgate Sweepstakes

Sports Illustrated Go RVing Elevate Your Tailgate SweepstakesRoughly $35 million a year is spent on tailgating in the United States. The two most popular sports to tailgate at are football games and car races. Many people turn tailgating into an all day event and for weekend events, an all night event. Step up your tailgate experience with a new RV in the Sports Illustrated Go RVing Elevate Your Tailgate Sweepstakes. [Read more…]

Diet Coke Meet & Greet Sweepstakes

Diet Coke Meet & Greet SweepstakesThere’s no denying that Taylor Swift is one of the most recognizable singers in the world and she is at the height of her career. With numerous awards and honors, Taylor Swift now has another title to add to her growing list of accomplishments. She was recently named Billboard’s 2014 Woman of the Year. [Read more…]