Springer Mountain Farms “D & V Water Fest – Bluegrass Cruise” Sweepstakes

Springer Mountain Farms “D & V Water Fest - Bluegrass Cruise” SweepstakesIn the 1920s, bluegrass style music started to gain popularity with the invention of the phonograph and onset radio. It wasn’t until 1939 when Bill Monroe and his “Blue Grass Boys” took the stage at the Grand Ole Opry that this style of music really became mainstream. In 1945, with the addition of Earl Scruggs to the radio, bluegrass gained even more followers. To date, there is still a large following of bluegrass music fans and there continues to be the addition of new bluegrass bands to the genre. [Read more…]

Pepsi All For Football Sweepstakes

Pepsi All For Football SweepstakesFor the last 30 years Pepsi products and the NFL have been partners but Pepsi only recently took over sponsoring the Super Bowl halftime show. They first presented Prince in 2007 to entertain NFL fans during halftime and this year will showcase Katy Perry. Halftime shows first consisted of collegiate marching bands and it wasn’t until 1970 that Carol Channing became the first halftime “show” singing “When The Saints Go Marching In”. [Read more…]

Minute Maid Sip, Text, Win

Minute Maid Sip, Text, WinIt’s no wonder why Americans drink over 4 million gallons of orange juice a year. The United States is the second highest producer of oranges according to Mr. Breakfast. Packed with vitamins, orange juice is also healthy to drink and is believed to help you wake up by giving your nose a sensory wake up call. [Read more…]

Tommy Bahama Ultimate Tailgater Sweepstakes

Tommy Bahama Ultimate Tailgater SweepstakesFood, grills, football, friends – it’s all part of the tailgate experience. It is believed that the first tailgate experience was during the Civil War when soldiers arrived at the battle side with food trying to rally the troops for the upcoming battle. If you go to a tailgate party now, it’s a long way from the first tailgate at the Civil War. People go to great lengths to host the perfect tailgate party and have every amenity you can imagine. [Read more…]

Werther’s Original Unwrap the Magic Sweepstakes

Werther's Original Unwrap the Magic SweepstakesSome things from your childhood are timeless. Two of these things are Walt Disney World and Werther’s candies. Both have been part of families all over the world for years and are enjoyed by people of all ages. With the Werther’s Original Unwrap the Magic Sweepstakes, you could experience the magic of Walt Disney World and Werther’s for yourself. [Read more…]

Alamo From Coast to Castle Sweepstakes

Alamo From Coast to Castle SweepstakesEvery child’s dream vacation is to experience the magic at a Disney amusement park. Since the opening of the Walt Disney attractions, the parks have quickly become family vacation spots for people worldwide. Disney Resorts and cruise lines offer top rated accommodations, amusement rides, activities and of course, your favorite Disney characters. With the Alamo From Coast to Castle Sweepstakes, you and three guests will have a chance to choose your favorite Walt Disney Resort or cruise line package. [Read more…]

McDonald’s Monopoly Game

McDonald’s Monopoly GameIt’s that time of year, McDonald’s is once again launching its popular Monopoly Game! This year offers more great prizes and three ways to win. Visit your favorite McDonald’s location for prize pieces on menu items like the Big Mac, Filet O’ Fish, 10 piece Chicken McNuggets, McCafe drinks and more. Collect your pieces for great prizes like travel packages, fuel for a year and even become an instant millionaire with the Boardwalk and Park Place pieces. [Read more…]

Kellogg’s Heisman Weekend Tailgate Party Sweepstakes

Kellogg’s Heisman Weekend Tailgate Party SweepstakesThere is more to the Heisman Award than just a trophy of a football player. Meant to recognize the best player in college football, the Heisman Memorial Trophy also represents the charity mission behind the trophy. The Heisman Trust “has a charitable mission to support amateur athletics and to provide greater opportunities to the youth of our country.” The one player that receives the trophy at the end of the college football season is meant to stand as a symbol of “outstanding ability paired with diligence, perseverance and hard work,” according to the Heisman Trust. [Read more…]

Wyler’s Light Rec Room Refresh Sweepstakes

Wyler’s Light Rec Room Refresh SweepstakesWhat is your favorite flavor of Wyler’s Light? With over 15 flavors, choosing one is hard. Regardless of which flavor you favor, they are all great tasting and sugar-free, making them low-calorie too. When you win the “Rec Room Refresh” Sweepstakes, you’ll have to make a few difficult decisions when picking your prize! [Read more…]

Cheetos Halloween Sweepstakes

Cheetos Halloween SweepstakesToilet paper has many uses, from the obvious, to crafts and even “TPing” someone’s house. The latter can get you in serious trouble with the homeowner and in some cases, even the police. Stay out of trouble this year by cyber-TPing someone’s house with the Cheetos Halloween site. Just type in an address and the satellite will find the house, which you can then drop the motherload of toilet paper on! Continue on the website for an entry into the sweepstakes. [Read more…]