With thousands upon thousands of Online Sweepstakes to enter, we have strived to create a List of The Best Sweepstakes available online. We not only provide Sweepstakes to enter but we also offer Sweepstakes FAQ and Articles about other Sweepstakes topics to help you get the most out of your online sweepstakes experience. Here at The Best Sweepstakes, we want to give you an easy-to-use interface so that you can find exactly what you are looking for. We offer all types of Sweepstakes to enter such as Travel Sweepstakes, Car Sweepstakes, Cash Prize Sweepstakes, Instant Win Games and so many other types of giveaways and contests that you can enter.

Daily Sweepstakes

This is a List of Daily Sweepstakes that you can enter once every day or multiple times a day. Any experienced sweeper will tell you that the greatest way to win sweepstakes is by entering as many as possible to raise your chances of bringing home the big prizes. For Daily Sweepstakes, its all about entering as much as you possibly can. This will ensure the greatest chance for you to win daily prizes or the sweepstakes grand prize.

New Sweepstakes

Every Day, we upload New Sweepstakes that you can enter right here through The Best Sweepstakes. This makes it easy for you to find out all the details in one place without having to read the lengthy official rules for each contest. Each New Sweepstakes will list the prizes that you can win and tell you exactly where and how to enter the sweepstakes.

Expiring Sweepstakes

Always make sure you check out the Expiring Sweepstakes list first because you might miss out on a great sweepstakes that only has a few more days before expiring. You might as well take advantage of the opportunity and put your vote in because that one entry could land you with huge prizes and gifts.

Sweepstakes FAQ

If you’re trying to gain an upper hand with your sweepstakes winning strategies or simply just trying to learn more about Sweepstakes in general, then their are plenty of articles here for you expand your knowledge of the subject. We supply articles about Tips on Winning Sweepstakes or even articles about Vote Farming which is a huge controversial topic in the sweepstakes world. Any questions that you might have regarding sweepstakes, we can answer!

Sweepstakes Scams

Look out for these sweepstakes scams and make sure you don’t become a victim or identity theft or fraud. Learn how to protect yourself and spot out the signs of a scammer.

Submit A Sweepstakes

If you would like to add a sweepstakes, giveaway, contest, instant win game or any other type of sweepstakes, please submit the sweepstakes here so that the rest of the world can enter as well. You would be doing the sweepstakes community a great service by helping us provide The Best Sweepstakes available. If you need to contact The Best Sweepstakes, you can use our contact form.